Re: Canonical recommends against using 64-bit Ubuntu

July 19, 2010 at 1:08 pm (64-bit operating systems (OS), Adobe Flash, Desktop, Linux) (, , , , , , )

The Canonical’s recommendation is not appropriate and expedient but it’s generally correct.

Every desktop-oriented (Linux) user uses Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Flash. And Adobe Flash is not supported on 64-bit systems (neither Linux-based, nor Mac OS)  so it has to be emulated through wrappers in order to function.

Well, ADOBE FLASH is a piece of software of controversial quality on 32-bit systems. However, on 64-bit systems its utilization is even EXTREMELY DISTURBING (often buggy) experience.

I’ve an Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 (2 x 2 GHz) dual-core 64-bit processor and nevertheless, I DOWNGRADED to the 32-bit Ubuntu version. And I really did NOT WANT to do so. However, I’m a true desktop-oriented only user. I use Firefox and review Flash content more often than not.

I believe that there should be a different message pointing out why the 64-bit Ubuntu is not fine for desktop use. There should be a notice that Adobe Flash does not provide 64-bit support and that’s the main reason why the whole 64-bit Linux is not recommended FOR DESKTOP USE.

To sum up, we, the Ubuntu developers and contributors, complain about the poor Adobe Flash quality but we does not STATE IT CLEARLY. However, this is the right way to make Adobe Systems Incorporated (“Adobe”) reconsider its politics concerning the Linux world.

Come on Canonical, come on Ubuntu! Come on Linux contributors! DO NOT BE AFRAID!
Let we show the people around the world how deep the Rabbit hole really goes.


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